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The Right One dating service is not honest, disorganized, horrible at customer service, and will add charges and fees wherever and whenever they can get away with it.

They will lie about you to the people to date. That is not such a great way to start a relationship. Relationships are based on trust not deciet.

After my first match they marked me as not to receive any matches even though I was a paying customer and was still ready to meet more matches.

Then after I met a wonderful woman through e-harmony, the Right One charged me a made up fee of $100 even though the contract says nothing of such a charge.

I called several times to try to get my $100 back but was only promised a return call that I never received. Only after I filed a complaint with the BBB did they offer to give me the $100 back. Even then they would not call me or initiate a conversation with me. Does any one else see anything wrong with all of this?

To top off their lies, disorganization, and horrible customer service, they have another company handle their billing and they will hound your place of work, friends, and family to collect money for sorry service.

Monetary Loss: $3100.

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Thanks for the info. I thought it was too good to be true. Im

glad Im a healthy skeptic when it comes to these

dating companies. Id rather put those 1000s of dollars towards

actual dates (dinner, drinks, etc), not just for

obtaining one that I could probably find on



You are so right! Under no circumstance if you have the common sense to look at any of these articles BEFORE you leap, join The Right One.

I am currently writing a letter of cancellation and considering a law suit - matched with convicted felon and a married guy.

Unbelievable. Terrible mistake I've made!

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